Review of The Adult Speech Therapy Workbook

The Workbook is your go-to resource for practical, evidence-based handouts, worksheets, and therapist treatment guides.

What We’ll Cover

Quick Stats

  • Pages: 589

  • Price: $95

  • Who’s it for? The made-to-copy pages are designed for use in all adult speech therapy settings.

  • Topics Covered: Dysphagia, Memory, Problem Solving, Visual Neglect, Aphasia, Motor Speech, Voice & Resonance, AAC, and Fluency

  • What’s Included: Patient Handouts & Worksheets, “For Therapist Eyes Only” Treatment Guides, Goal-Writing Guide, anatomy and exercises illustrations, Memory Book templates, AAC boards, Phonemic LIsts, Reading Material, Treatment Approaches, and much more!

  • Where to Purchase: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, and other online retailers.

  • Copying & Printing: Copy the pages directly. If you would like the pages to lie completely flat, have a print shop (OfficeMax, etc.) spiral-bind the pages. Or, check out the Digital Workbook!

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Sample Pages

Writing Goals




Problem Solving

Voice and Resonance

Visual Neglect

Motor Speech



Table of Contents

This is not a complete list! Click on the book for more details.


    • Neuroplasticity
    • Safe Swallowing
    • Effortful Swallow
    • Puréed Diet
    • Esophageal Diet
    • Thickened Liquids
    • Deep Breathing
    • Head and Neck Stretches
    • Tracheostomy Care
    • Speaking Valve

    • Mild Memory Deficits
    • Memory Strategies
    • Ways to Improve Memory
    • Memorize Lists
    • Brain Organization Tips
    • Remembering Instructions
    • Remembering Reading Material
    • Moderate Memory Deficits
    • How to Avoid Memory Loss
    • Remembering Your Medications
    • Monthly Calendar
    • Remembering People’s Names
    • Remembering Appointments
    • Memos & Appointments
    • Severe Memory Deficits
    • Orientation
    • Spaced Retrieval
    • Memory Books
    • Daily Journal
    • Daily Schedule
    • Restorative Treatment
    • Task Analysis
    • TEACH-M
    • Setting Goals
    • Practical Math
    • Sequencing
    • Everyday Math
    • Compensatory Treatment
    • Filling a Pill Box
    • Organize your Bills
    • Medical Alert Systems
    • Medical Team Phone Numbers
    • Meal Planning
    • Visual Scanning
    • Lighthouse Technique
    • Reading Strategies
    • Reading Maps
    • Feedback Training
    • Environmental Modifications
    • Cancellation Task
    • Cueing Hierarchy
    • Communication Tips
    • Language Expression & Writing
    • Language Comprehension & Reading

    • Restorative Treatment
    • Sound Production Treatment
    • Diaphragmatic Breathing
    • Breath Control
    • Sentence Stress
    • Heteronyms
    • Phonemic Lists
    • Compensatory Treatment
    • Clear Speech Strategies
    • Phone Calls
    • Conversation
    • Interview
    • Monologues
    • Resonance Treatment
    • Hypernasality
    • Nasal Air Emission
    • Cul-de-Sac Resonance
    • Voice Treatment
    • Vocal Tension
    • Vocal Weakness
    • Vocal Hygiene
    • Circumlaryngeal Massage
  • AAC
    • Listener Tips
    • Alphabet Board
    • Fluency Strategies
    • Breath Curve


Printable Workbook

Buy a printable PDF version of the full Workbook. Or, pick and choose individual chapters (e.g., Dysphasia and Aphasia).

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