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Chung Hwa Brewer and Miwa Aparo of The Adult Speech Therapy Workbook.

Chung Hwa Brewer

Welcome! I’m the author of The Adult Speech Therapy Workbook and The Starter Pack. I’m a speech-language pathologist and have worked with adults in home health, skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, and telehealth.

Most recently, I am an instructor at Western Washington University’s Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology programs. I enjoy jaunts through nature and cheesy popcorn.

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Miwa Aparo

Hi, I’m the co-creator of this blog and of The Starter Pack. I’m also a pediatric Occupational Therapist and have worked in just about every setting a peds OT can work in—including the NICU, high-risk infant follow-up, schools, outpatient clinics, and home health. I love traveling and chocolate chip cookies.

We Are Sisters

But wait, it gets better: Our brother is a physical therapist and our sister is a certified hand therapist. We’re a family of rehab therapists!

Onee-chan /on’e ʧʌn/ is a Japanese term of endearment meaning “older sister.” We aim to provide you the compassionate mentorship of an onee-chan.

Our Mission

We aim to provide therapists new to adult speech therapy everything they need to assess, treat, and document.

We aim to provide high-quality, practical, and evidence-based materials and content. We aim to teach self-advocacy, person-centered care, and culturally competent care. We aim to offer compassionate mentorship.

We aim to help you be prepared, confident, light, and more present in your job and in your life.

Our Core Values

1. FOLLOW YOUR JOY. Do what feels delicious by trusting yourself, being present, and not making things too serious.

2. LOVE YOURSELF. Practice self-compassion, self-care, and self advocacy by having healthy boundaries and stepping out of social roles that don’t serve you.

3. PROJECT THE LOVE OUT. Practice kindness, compassion, and open-mindedness to other people and to nature.

4. ENCOURAGE DIVERSITY. Respect others. Acknowledge that our field needs diverse leaders and voices and that they are just as competent and worthy as the traditional white, upper-middle class, straight, cisgender, paternalistic leadership.

5. CREATE METHODS TO MAKE SPEECH THERAPY BETTER. Understand that speech-language pathology professionals can have a step-by-step roadmap to becoming competent clinicians. Trust that materials can be beautiful, functional, respectful, comprehensive, and light-hearted.

Questions? Wanna say hi? Email us at contact@theadultspeechtherapyworkbook.com

Chung Hwa Brewer and Miwa Aparo of The Adult Speech Therapy Workbook.
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