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Our Mission

Our mission is to help you feel confident in your adult speech therapy job.

We will teach you how to assess, treat, and document in a way that’s effective and evidence-based. But without the stress and overwhelm.

Our Team

Chung Hwa Brewer, Founder

Howdy! My name is Chung Brewer and I’m a speech-language pathologist and instructor at Western Washington University. I’ve worked in home health, skilled nursing, hospitals, and telehealth.

When starting out as an overwhelmed new grad, I was lucky enough to have wonderful mentors who taught me the ropes. I want to offer the same to you.

When I’m not writing books, you’ll find me enjoying cheesy popcorn and taking gorgeous walks throughout the Pacific Northwest.

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Miwa Aparo, Co-founder

Hi, I’m Miwa, co-founder of Adult Speech Therapy and an occupational therapist.

My role as researcher and editor is to ensure that everything we write for you is clear, easy to follow, and evidence-based. When I’m not elbow-deep in research, you can find me traveling or trying amazing food around L.A. Fun fact: Chung and I are sisters!

Alisha Kleindel, MS, CCC-SLP

Alisha Kleindel Adult Speech Therapy

Hi, I’m Alisha. I’ve been a full-time SLP for 15 years, working with adults in acute care, skilled nursing, outpatient, inpatient rehab, and home health.

What I love most is teaching new clinicians how to do the job. I make educational content here at Adult Speech Therapy, including videos and articles.

I’m certified in LSVT, Vital Stimulation, RMST, and MBSimp. In my free time, I love walking with my dog Lucy and camping with my family near our home in sunny Arizona.

About Adult Speech Therapy

We make industry-leading materials for speech-language pathology professionals working with adults.

These include tons of practical, evidence-based, and free content. From super helpful articles to how-to YouTube videos.

Plus, we sell 5-star-rated workbooks and online courses.


So, so, so good. I am transitioning to adult acute care after many, many years with peds. This is a great one-stop-resource for handouts or therapy trials. So worth every penny. Thank you!

the adult speech therapy starter pack




As a CFY-SLP in my 4th month, I appreciate this bundle SO MUCH! It’s helped me guide my evals and treatment sessions with clear and clean templates. I love how each section is tailored to that specific target (voice, motor speech, dysphagia, etc). HIGHLY RECOMMEND

the adult speech therapy starter pack



Our Core Values

At Adult Speech Therapy, we strive to follow our Core Values so that everything we create comes from a compassionate, genuine place.

1. Follow Your Joy.

Do what feels wonderful and trust your gut.

2. Love Yourself.

Practice self-compassion and step out of social roles that don’t serve you.

3. Project the Love Outwards.

Practice compassion and open-mindedness to others and the world around you.

4. Diversity Matters.

Respect others and recognize that our field needs diverse leaders who are just as competent and worthy as the status quo.

5. Create Materials to Make Speech Therapy Better.

Make materials that are beautiful, functional, respectful, comprehensive, and light-hearted.

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