how can slps advance modified diets

What Are The Stages of Dysphagia Diets? And How to Advance Them

Stages of dysphagia diets from the IDDSI Framework, with plenty of examples. Plus, we’ll cover how to advance dysphagia diets—from the first modified diet, to liquid and solid trials, to adding in exercises and strategies.

how to palpate a swallow

How Do You Palpate a Swallow?

Illustrations & instructions for how to palpate a swallow. FREE printable download to use during assessments.

how to palpate a swallow

What To Recommend After a Swallowing Examination?

How to recommend Liquid Consistences, Diet Textures, Referrals, Treatment Frequency, and Prognosis after a Clinical Bedside Swallowing Examination. FREE printable download of these instructions included.

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