Dysphagia Series: Oral Mechanism Examination – FREE Printable

In this article you’ll find:

1. Oral Mechanism Examination: Step-by-step instructions for a Clinical Bedside Swallowing Examination

2. Chart Review for a swallow examination: What to look for

3. FREE Printable download: “Oral Mechanism Examination & Chart Review” instructions

4. More Resources

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Dysphagia Handouts, Exercises, and therapist treatment guides

Dysphagia Series:

First Things First

Evaluating and treating dysphagia require high levels of training and skill.

This article is intended for Speech Language Pathologists or other qualified therapists with the appropriate training and competency to work with adults with dysphagia.

* If at any time you suspect any pharyngeal or esophageal involvement, contact the patient’s Primary Care Provider (PCP) and request an instrumental evaluation as soon as possible.

Oral Mechanism Examination

Free Printable (PDF):

More Resources

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