how to palpate a swallow

How Do You Palpate a Swallow?

Illustrations & instructions for how to palpate a swallow. FREE printable download to use during assessments.

how to palpate a swallow

What To Recommend After a Swallowing Examination?

How to recommend Liquid Consistences, Diet Textures, Referrals, Treatment Frequency, and Prognosis after a Clinical Bedside Swallowing Examination. FREE printable download of these instructions included.

how to palpate a swallow

How Do You Do An Oral Mechanism Exam?

Step-by-step instructions for how to do an Oral Mechanism Examination and chart review. FREE printable version included.

Swallowing Exercises & Strategies FREE PDF

Signs of dysphagia, treatment ideas, swallowing exercises, and compensatory strategies. Bonus ‘Aspiration Risk Factors’ printable patient handout included.

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