A Review of the Home Health SLP Handbook [Video]

Everything you need to provide speech therapy to adults in the home health setting.

Quick Stats

Total Pages: 305

Cost: $64.99 for the physical book & $54.00 for the Kindle ebook on Amazon. Also available on barnesandnoble.com and other online book retailers. Or request it from your local library (ISBN 9781733863308).

Evaluations Templates: Clinical Bedside Swallowing, Cognitive-Linguistic, Motor Speech and Voice, Apraxia of Speech, Resonance, Fluency, AAC

Patient Handouts: Memory, Problem Solving, Visual Neglect, Dysphagia, How to Clean a Trach, Language, Motor Speech, Voice & Resonance, Fluency

Easy-to-Copy Pages: Inside margins are wide to make it easy to copy evaluation pages and patient handouts.

Forms the Handbook Comes In

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What’s In The Handbook? Table of Contents

5 Problems the Handbook Solves

1. How to treat the most common disorders
2. How to be productive in home health
3. How to stay safe and built rapport in patients’ homes
4. How to write evaluation and treatment notes
5. How to communicate effectively with team members and doctors

Plus much, much more.

1. How to Treat the Most Common Disorders

Cognitive Treatment

The Handbook splits up strategies for cognitive treatment into the four most common areas: Attention, Memory, Problem Solving, and Visual Neglect. Practical cognitive treatment ideas are included for all of these areas.

Bonus Content

1. Timeline for treating patients with Dementia
2. How to differentiate between Attention, Memory, and Problem Solving
3. Memory Book template and example pages


The Handbook goes over signs of Dysphagia and how to treat them. It includes descriptions of specific swallowing exercises and compensatory swallowing strategies to use with your patients.

1. A list of Risk Factors and Symptoms of Aspiration
2. How to Schedule an Instrumental Swallowing Evaluation
3. Specific guideline for treating Head and Neck Cancer
4. Overview of Alternative Feeding Methods (tube feeding, TPN, etc.)


The Handbook goes over Trach hygiene and includes a guide to Cuff Deflation Trials, including Speech Trials with Cuff Deflation.

AAC Needs Board

Bonus Content:
1. How to decide which AAC system to use with your patients.

Language Treatment

The Handbook lays out general treatment guidelines for Language. It then gives you step-by-step instructions for specific Aphasia treatment approaches.

The author also includes task worksheets for Language Expression & Writing and Language Comprehension and Reading.

Bonus Content:
1. 40 Picture Naming Photos
2. Materials for Aphasia treatment, including word web templates

Motor Speech Treatment

This section includes both general Motor Speech treatment guidelines and specific Motor Speech tasks you can do with your patients.

Bonus Content:
1. A chart to help you differentiate between Apraxia, Dysarthria, and Aphasia

Voice and Resonance Treatment

This section lists and describes the most common Voice and Resonance Disorders. It then breaks down specific treatment strategies for each of these disorders. The author describes leading Voice and Resonance methods and protocols (such as LSVT-Loud) as well as where to buy the materials or the course, if relevant.

2. How to be More Productive

This section gives readers tips for how to save time, create a better workflow, and document more efficiently. It even gives you a script for talking with you supervisor about unrealistic productivity standards because, let’s be honest, it’s a common- and valid- complaint therapists have.

19 Valuable Productivity Tips for Therapists in Home Health

3. How to Stay Safe and Build Rapport

This section discusses Home Visit Etiquette (while protecting yourself from pee), everyday safety precautions, and how to build a comfortable and respectful rapport with your patients.

4. How to Write Evaluation and Treatment Notes

The Handbook lists and describes the basic sections each note should include. Then the author gives us an example Routine Visit Note, Evaluation Note, and Discharge Note for a hypothetical home health patient.

How to Write an Evaluation Report – with Examples!

5. How to Communicate with Team Members and Doctors

Script and advice for calling the PCP’s office, when to Refer to Other Providers, and scheduling an Instrumental Swallowing Evaluation.

The Handbook covers more, including a neuroanatomy review, common home health Speech Therapy ICD and CPT codes, and how to answer an OASIS question.

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Complete Digital Workbook
Handouts, Worksheets, & therapist treatment guides

The Adult Speech Therapy Workbook [Chung Hwa brewer, Miwa Aparo]

The Adult Speech Therapy Workbook
Hundreds of Handouts & Worksheets

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