15 Best Gifts for Speech-Language Pathologists

Whether it’s for graduation, a thank you, or simply to say ‘you matter’, you’re searching for the perfect gift for a speech-language pathologist, SLPA, or SLT.

Good for you! Therapists make a huge difference in the healing journeys and quality of life of millions of people around the globe.

And here’s a little insider secret: they don’t get thanked nearly as much as their caring and hard work deserve. Helping others is a reward in and of itself. But let’s be honest: Nothing replaces good ‘ole recognition.

Without further ado, here are our top picks for the best gifts for speech-language pathologists!

1. A ‘Thank You’

Card for SLP Speech Language Pathologist
harmony road design

Write it in a card, say it out loud, or even take the time to tell their manager how much your therapist matters. The world could use more expressions of gratitude and kindness, so saying ‘Thank You’ is our top recommendation!

2. A Lovely Plant

Thank you gift for my therapist
image by IKEA

A house plant or bouquet of flowers will bring color and joy into your therapist’s home for weeks and even years, depending on how green their thumbs are! Ikea (their succulents are pictured above), local grocers such as Trader Joes, and even your own garden are excellent spots to pick up these gorgeous gifts.

A practical note: your therapist may not have the supplies nor the time to care for a plant until they take it home. Consider including a vase or wetting a paper towel to wrap around a bouquet’s stems before covering in plastic wrap—water a potted plant before gifting.

3. The Complete Digital Workbook

Complete Digital Adult Speech Therapy Workbook 9 PDF Packs image 0
The Complete Digital Workbook

Give your favorite speech-language pathologist the gift of TIME.

The Complete Digital Workbook comes with hundreds of print-and-go worksheets, patient handouts, and therapist treatment guides.

Evidence-based and organized by topic, The Workbook will save therapists the endless hours that they would otherwise spend doing research, hunting through files, and creating their own materials.

Also available as a physical book on Amazon.

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3. A Badge Reel

Badge Reel for OT, PTs, SLP
Nineteen82andCompany on Etsy

In a sea of scrubs and polo shirts, sometimes it’s nice to add a pop of fun to an outfit! Badge reels are a great gift for any therapist. Depending on the setting your therapist works in, a plastic badge reel may be best for frequent disinfection (think therapists working in hospital rooms).

5. A Mug or Tumbler

Tumbler for SLP, OT, PT

There’s nothing like a beautifully designed drink-receptacle to brighten up a therapist’s day. Throw in a bag of Philz coffee (trust me on this one; you’ll thank me later) and your therapist will be ready for the next 6 patients!

6. Korean Beauty Products

Best gift for therapy students, OT, SLP, PT

Gift your therapist a spa day at home!

If you have not yet jumped on the Korean beauty bandwagon, I insist that you hop on right now. Quick! I saved you a spot! I don’t care who you are; everyone will look healthier, glow-ier, younger, and will just plain feel better with some high-quality skincare. Another great thing about Korean beauty products? They’re affordable!

At around $2 each, Benton’s Aloe Soothing Mask Pack is a nice option. It has great reviews, is soothing and hydrating to the skin, and won’t cause breakouts.

7. A Zip-up Jacket

Sweater for speech-language pathologist, occupational therapist, physical therapist. Sweater over scrubs

Many therapists will appreciate a warm, lightweight jacket to layer over their clothes on cold workdays.

The jacket should be:

A solid color without obvious logos (black is a classic that most employers won’t object to)

Zip up: to take on and off easily

Mock neck (but not hoodie) to keep out the chill while looking professional

Thin enough for full mobility and so it’s easy to push up the sleeves for hand washing.

8. A Pulse Oximeter and/or Gait Belt

Best pulse oximeter for home health

For a solid, practical gift, my therapy friends working in Skilled Nursing Facilities have Pulse Oximeters and Gait Belts on their wish lists! The Mibest Pulse Oximeter above is the top recommendation of a Respiratory Therapy Zone review. That said, it’ll be up to the therapist and their employer to determine what tools are safe and effective for their patients.

9. Yoga/Barre Socks

Best gift for a pediatric therapist, OT, PT, SLP, COTA, PTA, SLPA

For the pediatric therapist or for the therapist who loves to kick off their shoes at work, these non-slip socks are the gift they never knew they needed! The straps will keep the socks from falling off as they chase toddlers, while grips on the bottom prevent slipping (also while chasing toddlers). Plus, a low-profile cut allows the therapist to wear flats or other shoes that just don’t look good with tall socks!

10. Food!

Gift for my therapist
Porto’s Bakery. Image by secretlosangeles.com

As they say, the quickest way to a therapist’s heart is through pastries!

Food-to-share is a great option if your therapist’s employer has strict rules that don’t allow them to accept gifts. Interestingly, these same employers are often quite lax when allowing their therapists to work unpaid overtime. But I digress…

11. A Dry Erase Clipboard

Medical SLP Clipboard. Dry erase clipboards for speech therapy, speech-language pathologists
harmony road design
Medical SLP Clipboard. Dry erase clipboards for speech therapy, speech-language pathologists
Best gift for speech-language pathologists

A discipline-specific reference clipboard will be much appreciated by many therapists. As smart as they are, it’s nice to have something to glance at when analyzing a brain scan or remembering abbreviations. Extra points for a dry-erase surface to jot down notes and to use during therapy. Storage is also a very welcome feature.

12. An Amazon Gift Card

Best gift for speech-language pathologists

If you’re at a loss about what the therapist in your life likes or needs, you can’t go wrong with an Amazon gift card!

13. A Letter Board

Best gift for speech-language pathologists

A letter board is a fun, creative gift to decorate an office or for a therapist to use with patients. They can facilitate a pincher grasp, work on visual motor skills, improve language, or put up a mindful quote!

14. A Memory Foam Seat Cushion

Best gift for speech-language pathologists

I’d recommend this gift only to family members or friends of the therapist. It’s a little…personal coming from a patient. And some Amazon reviewers really leaned into the booty references!

That said, it’s for good reason. This little cushion will make the workday much more comfortable for therapists who sit and drive a lot on said booties.

15. A Beautiful Notebook

Notebook for SLP, OT, PT, Psychologist
PhoebeAndJune on Etsy
Medical SLP Notebook
Medical SLP Notebook

Many therapists’ favorite gift ever is a beautiful notebook. These notebooks make long meetings more enjoyable, inspire as they plan and dream, and remind them of the kindness of the gift-giver. Add an inspirational quote or personal message to be remembered forever 🙂

Your kindness matters. Thank you for sharing it with a therapist.

Happy gifting!

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